About The Author

C. P. Caruso holds a B.A. cum laude from Pace University and two Master’s Degrees from Columbia University—an MIA in International Affairs and an M.Phil. in International Relations. She taught Political Science at Pace University and Long Island University. She has lectured at William Paterson College and Columbia University. And she has published several articles dealing with political and social issues.

As an undergraduate she did extensive research in England and Ghana. And as a graduate student, she did research in Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil. As a graduate student in international relations, her regional specialty was Latin America. She has traveled extensively, including South Korea, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Italy, France and the Caribbean. For the last thirty years, she has served as a Member of the Board and staff trainer of InterFuture, a cross-cultural research organization that prepares undergraduates for travel to and research in foreign locales in an effort to increase understanding and tolerance across the globe.

Recently, (May 2017) the literary publication of John Jay College THE QUILL published two of her poems.








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